Hi, my name is Elle. Early on in high school I developed a passion for photography. At its beginning stages it was just a very fun hobby for me. I would take photos of scenery, family, friends, and life events. My freshman year in college a friend of mine convinced me that some of my shots were impressive, and that I should put them up in a coffee shop, so I did. I compiled some of my favorite images that I had taken in my own city, and the next morning a lady bought them all. This is the spark that lit the fire.

Then as time progressed I helped a close friend who I admire a lot shoot a wedding. He was one of my greatest friends, and also was my biggest critic. As that wedding came to a close we started uploading our images, he turned to me and said, “you first,” my heart was racing worried that they would all just be mediocre. As soon as the first few images uploaded he very emphatically said, “Wow I hope mine are half as good as these.” That was the encouragement I needed to finally start pursing it.

Since then I have done a large variety of events, mostly weddings. Over the last several years I have learned what separates me from most. I like to capture raw emotion, life in real motion, I don’t like interrupting life telling you just how to pose so that the picture looks the same as every other photo. When I arrive to shoot your wedding I am there to document every beautiful moment, every emotion as it comes. Of course you have the family photos that you stage to some degree, but my favorite photos I have taken over the years are the real ones the ones with family laughter as they can’t contain the excitement of such a wonderful union of love, the ones of tears as the groom hugs his new family right after the ceremony. I’m not afraid to fix your running mascara or help a bridesmaid avert a hair crisis on your big day!

I have since recently had my fairytale wedding with my now husband David. Besides being blessed with the most amazing marriage, I got completely blown away by my husbands talent in film and photography as well! We now operate as a team! We shoot all of our weddings together so, it works so fabulously, because I can be capturing all of the images of the girls, while he is able to not miss a beat with the men! We are so happy to be on this adventure together and cannot wait to meet you!